Tuesday, July 11, 2006

What's love got to do with it?

I have been watching one too many romantic comedies lately and it sparked something within me.

*Who truly believes that there is one person out there for them?

*Also, who out there believes that you can fall in love by soley locking eyes with them?

I really just got inspired to ask you this question and see what you think. I, myself, am a hopeless romantic and just by listening to my album you know that I love.. love and everything about it. Send me an email to LauraCheadleMusic@yahoo.com with your answers to the questions above and you can even add in some personal experiences to go with your answers.

I am going to give away three prize packages with my CD, DVD and tickets to one of my upcoming shows. (shows listed on my site) If you're not from the East Coast, you will receive a super cool T-shirt in addition.

I am feeling lovey today, can you tell? I blame it on the weather. Oh, and the movies.
Oh and I blame it on all of you for being so cute. Love is everywhere.

Talk to you soon!

Stay funky and LOVEy, Laura :)

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