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Getting off to a rousing start with the lively and exciting “Constantly,” this album offers one delightfully snappy, thrilling and spot-on pop-rock song after another. Laura Cheadle’s wonderfully warm, husky and robust full-throated voice belts out the thoughtful lyrics with infectiously hearty aplomb. The arrangements are crisp and tuneful, with the steady drums, equally sturdy basslines, and buzzing guitars keeping the music rich, catchy, funky, and flavorsome throughout. The songs neatly alternate between touching and subdued introspection (the moving “Answer Within Me,” the neatly bumping “In the AM”) and more energetic rock-outs (the smooth-grooving blast “Funk is Dead,” the punchy raver “Whatever Moves You”) with always pleasing and often uplifting results. A very cool and worthwhile album."
-*Review By: Joe Wawryzniak: JERSEYBEAT.COM


Pitman, New Jersey seems like an odd place for a funk, soul, and jazz revivalist to be born. This just happens to be the case for the extremely beautiful and equally talented Laura Cheadle. Her latest album “Live On” has been a two-year labour of love. Produced by and recorded at her Father’s (James Cheadle) studio “Live On” also enlists the help of her brothers Jimmy Lee and Nick as well as many other talented musicians. Laura feels like she’s grown a lot while she was making this album and drew on many experiences, and took time to reflect on life.

In an interview I had with her she said : “Constantly” is about being with someone who can not make up their mind about you and keeps you stringing along. I got so fed up with it and wrote that song. I’m actually really happy it happened though because I feel like “Constantly” turned out to be a great song about craving passion.” Almost all the songs on the album deal with some sort of personal subject matter. My favorite track off the album is the title track. The song is a true life Earworm. Its lyrics really speak to any generation and will have you singing “Life is crazy, live on, live on.”

-*Review By: Shawn Alexander Roy: SKOPE MAGAZINE


Laura Cheadle makes singing seem easy. She’s teeming with the sort of soul that other artists can only dream of. And if her studio performance is any indication, she puts on an awesome live show.

Along with singing, Cheadle plays acoustic guitar, but don’t let that fool you into thinking she’s another mellow guitar-toting singer/songwriter. Her style is more soulful and funky, more jazz-influenced than pop. Her album, Live On, opens with “Constantly,” which is fun and catchy and a preview of what’s to come. The songs are mainly pretty upbeat and the lyrics are sweet. “In the AM” proclaims, “I never thought I’d be as happy as I am watching you sleep in the AM.” It is refreshing to hear some songs in which the protagonist gets the guy.

But don’t just listen to the lyrics. The songs are packed with great instrumental breaks and solos. Cheadle loves music and appreciates the tiny details that go into making a song more than just a melody and chords.

In case you have any doubt as to how Cheadle defines herself, she includes “Funk Is Dead.” She sings, “If funk is dead, then so am I.” And her voice shines, although she doesn’t show off. She just lets her voice be what it is, which is smooth and soulful.

She’s backed by incredibly talented musicians, as is showcased by the keyboard and guitar solos in “Funk Is Dead.” And she showcases her pianist in “Something Today.” A whimsical introduction is joined with Cheadle’s breathy voice, showcasing her sweet side.

The album is definitely worth listening to. This is what a girl with a guitar can do.

Review By: Valerie Williams: SKOPE MAGAZINE

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