Thursday, May 18, 2006

Ice cream partay :-)

Hey loves! How are we on this beautiful day? (Well, it's gorgeous here in New Jersey) Don't you all wish you were a kid again? I know that I'm a kid at heart. This weather totally makes me want to eat ice cream. Ready for this funny story? Last night, I was at Dairy Queen with my friend and there was no where to sit inside, so we decided to take our ice cream to the car. The car was facing the window and there were three little girls sitting inside. One of the little girls (who looked very girly in her summer dress and bow) knocked on the window to get our attention. She couldn't have been older than 5. We looked up and she stuck out her tongue in a cute little girl way. Being the "responsible and mature" adults that we are, we could NOT be upstaged. I stuck out my tongue with ice cream all over it and made a funny face. The little girl started cracking up, as did we and then made a face back. I got my friend involved and she got her two friends involved. This went on for about 15 minutes (yeah I know) and BOTH parties were DYING of laughter.

It's the little things in life that keep ya going lol

Ready for my ROCKSTAR moment of the day? (so excited!) I walked into Wendy's not even an hour ago with my dad and this girl comes running up to me and goes, "Are you Laura Cheadle?" I go, "OMG, is she here?" She looked at me dumbfounded and we both cracked up. It makes me smile because I am just this girl next door goofball who just loves to write music and sing. I would hang out with every one of you. It always takes me by surprise. By the way, my mailbox was FILLED with emails regarding my previous question of the day, "What's the biggest change you've ever gone through?" I love your answers. Please email me them to:

You are all so gorgeous and I can't get over it.

OH YEAH, BY THE WAY, when did bulletin get spelled like that? I have been spelling it BULLETION this entire time until one of you intellectual souls brought it to my attention. You have just experienced a Laura Cheadle Blonde Moment. *takes a bow*

This brings me to TODAY'S question of the day.. DUN DUN DUN
** What is the funniest experience you've ever had with a total stranger?

It's crazy because so many people are afraid to say hi on the street. I like to freak people out and go, 'HI!" as I'm walking by them. You always seem to get mixed reactions, but when did this all change? When did we become so aloof? Not saying EVERYONE is like this, of course. I know I'm just friendly by nature.

One more thing... If you would like to join the "Laura Cheadle needs money for her tour fund" please please go order my CD on:

Many of you view it a day, but don't purchase it. Hey, think of it this way.. You get a cd aaand access to my heart and soul. :-) I EVEN HAVE A :GASP: big deal for you! Be the 5th person to purchase this and I will personally send you my BRAND NEW LIVE DVD (a clip from my video is RIGHT on the front page of my myspace)

Okay, that's enough for now. I hope you all have the most beautiful day. Do something fun. Dare to be different! Write me an email about it. I LOVE hearing from you :-)

Stay funky and fresh
Laura :-)

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